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Shannon Mitch

Shannon Mitch was raised in the North by two Southern parents and has found her home in the glittered swamps of New Orleans.  With a background in marketing and design, she apprenticed under Paul Norman, AIFD of Thibodeaux's Floral Studio to learn the craft of flowering. 


Shannon created Blooms Botanica in 2021 to bring an alternative to traditional flowering in New Orleans.  Blooms Botanica is anything but cookie cutter. We collaborate with clients to deliver distinct experiences that are unique to you.  Through a collaborative approach and open communication,  our designers provide expertise and out of the box ideas to create memorable events, botanical costumes and original floral arrangements. 

When she's not flowering, you can find Shannon planning her next Mardi Gras costume(s), paddling around the bayou with her husband and pup, hosting backyard get togethers or dancing to Robyn in her living room. 


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